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A former royal town of the Kingdom of Bohemia, Písek contains the oldest surviving bridge in Bohemia. The “jewel of stone” above the Otava lies not far from the historic power station, now open to the public, and Písek Castle, today the home of the Prácheň Regional Museum. Walks through the town can lead along the parts of the medieval ramparts or past newly renovated old buildings, some of them with original house signs, now containing shops, cafes or restaurants.

The variety of cultural events, as well as the peaceful atmosphere give the town the air of a summer resort, as do the river island near the town center or the swimming-baths, with their unchanged prewar charm.

Nearby, hikers can follow the “Devil’s Path” along the river valley or other marked foot or cycling trails in the forested hills surrounding the town. The Písecké Mountains offer also a game park inhabited by wild sheep, the Jarník lookout tower, or the local excursion restaurants. Surroundings of the town are suitable for cycling, local lakes for fishers, navigable rivers and sheer cliff-faces along the river will additionally delight the rower or rock-climber. One popular hiking destination is the magnificent Zvíkov Castle, at the foot of which the Otava joins the river Vltava.


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Tourist web-site of Písek: www.pisek.eu